AC Repairs in Boise, ID

The temperatures in the Treasure Valley can get extremely hot, which makes driving in your vehicle highly uncomfortable when the AC isn't working. If you're getting burned because your AC is down call the professional ASE certified mechanics at Auto Metric. Allow your neighborhood garage with over 40 years of auto experience to get you back on the road in comfort.

Signs Your Car's AC Needs Repairs

There are numerous reasons why your car's AC isn't working right. Here are only a few of the reasons.

Difference in Cooling

The most obvious one is the difference in cooling. If you turn on you AC on full and you get only faint cool air movement or just air movement without it being cool then there's a problem with your car's AC. Possible problems could be the evaporator or condensor are being blocked or refrigerant isn't being introduced into the system.

Loud Noises When AC is On

Noises like squeling or grinding while the AC is running could be the compressor experiencing problems. The compressor is responsible for compressing hot gas and pumping it through the condenser and evaporator. This produces the cool air. Over time, this process will wear out your compressor and those sounds are a warning sign.

Oil Leaks

An oil leak can compromise the AC system; evaporator, compressor, condesnor, lines or fittings. Any compromise can cause oil and refrigerant to leak. This leaking will cause the AC system's ability to function at peak performance and produce cool air. These leaks might not be visible without a mechanic taking a look.