Boise Foreign Car Auto Repairs

You know the sound....the strange clanking noise, the subtle grinding when you back up, the wobbling when you get to high speed. All of those tell tale feelings that concentrate into a sinking dread... "Something is wrong with my car!"

It's ok! We've got you covered!

Repairing a Car Chassis We are a highly skilled auto repair shop, in Boise, Idaho. Since 1991 we have specialized in diagnosing and repairing the cars our customers count on. Our ASE certified Master Mechanics will happily assist you in determining the health of a used car, and provide you with costs up front for your consideration. Our staff is family, and we relish solving problems the other shops don't want to deal with.

If you are ready for a mechanic team who is reliable, accurate, timely and affordable, then schedule an appointment and find out why "Stellar Service!" and "Second to None!" are what our customers keep saying every visit.